The low cost housing in Africa : container living house


Published by BR PREFAB August 11,2019

Container Living House is the place for family to stay and communicate with each other to share human feelings. There is more and more demand for private housing in African countries. But the traditional concrete house price is increasing day by day. There is an popular trend ofliving house in Africa in recent years: Contain living house.This kind of house are made from recycled containers, Eco-friendly materials are used for decoration accessory. The container are gaven a new life and transformed into private house, clinic apartmen and evenoffice space at the reasonal price.  

One of our customer Mr Moges from Tanzania visited our booth in Canton fair and we have a further discussion about the container housing requirements. His company Specializes in unique products. He says people are offer pleasantly surprised by container homes.Themain factors that incfluce the person to buy the container homes are mobility, building time and affordability. He was absorbed by the idea of container living for himself, he realised the opportunity for renting these unique  spaces out and highlighting sustainable eco-tourism, heinvested in the idea fully. He has made these environmentally conscious-creations available as weekend getaways.

When its comes to container living houses , there are a lot of companies  charge more than necessary for helping locals to design and build their homes. Many people have started creating their own container homes independently which is far more cost effective.Construction was a process unlike anything the builders were used to before, Shipping container houses are expected to become more commonplace.

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