China Steel Structure Association Annual Meeting -BR PREFAB


Published by BR PREFAB December 30,2018

Steel structure buildings play a key role in connecting all sectors of the modular and portable building industry together. Regardless of size and the type of business in the industry, you will join an Association with many other professionals which will open the door to various opportunities and add significant value to your company.

The association is the single recognised voice for promoting and marketing all members and associate members high-quality products and services. Through the Associations excellent reputation we have acquired members who specialise in all types of modular building applications. The modular and portable industry as a whole is worth billions of pounds, so in order for your company to be at the top level of the industry it is essential to stay competitive.

By joining the Association and hearing important information first, attending networking and training courses, sharing your valuable news and allowing it to lead best practices and development of standards, guarantees increased industry impact and will ensure you will have a rewarding and valuable experience.

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