What is the advantage of steel structure buildings?


Published by BR PREFAB January 23,2019

The  steel structure buildings  are more popular than before around the world.   This kind of building has advantage "light weight, fast assembly, good qualtiy, cost reduction"

1\ Light weight

The materials of prefab steel building is with characteristic of light weight and high strength. Compared with traditional concrete building,  the weight is reduced by about 30%.

prefabricated steel
2\ Fast assmebly

The parts of Prefab steel building can be completed in the factory. are mainly connected  by expansion bolt at construction site. The construction period of steel structure is more than 50% higher than traditional building

prefabricated steel

3\ Good Quality

The overall prefabricated exterior wall panels have good energy-saving and thermal insulation performance.

prefabricated steel
4\ Cost reduction

The construction process saves energy, water and land. The material can be disassembled, assembled and recycled, and the recovery rate reaches 70%.

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