What are the factors that affect selection of camp supporting materials(1)?


Published by BR PREFAB April 09,2020

Most of the overseas engineering project need to purchase some supporting materials in China . and  send to the site in the early stage of construction.It often takes a long time from China to the desination. Some materials have exceeded the lifespan when arriving at the site.  Some of materials can not meet the local natural environment.  Therefor, It is necessary for builders to know basic knowledge of supporting materials selection. Since supporting materials are so important in overseas construction, what are the factors that affect the selection  of supporting materials? How to choose supporting materials? . Below we mainly introduce the factors that affect the choice of supporting materials .

1.1. Years of use
If you build a temporary overseas engineering project.  Most people has the opinion that that the supporting material standards can be lower, and the quality is lower than standard , we do not agree with the opinion. Because the customer from overseas. The construction side can not find similar products and the materias is not easy to repair. It would cause problem if there is any quality failure occurs. We can not reduce the quality standard of project  materials only because it is temporary camp . If you build a semi-permanent camp project, the standard of supporting materials will be higher. Not only should you consider its functionality, but also be comfortable and beautiful.Otherwise , The materials maintenance , equipment replacement are more frequent,

1.2 Environmental climate
In any overseas engineering camp, the impact of the local climate on the construction must be considred.If the built camp is in an alpine area ,the frost resistance and thermal insulation of the material must be considered. If  in a high-temperature area, the  Cooling facilities must be the  type suitable for use in high temperature environments.  The wire and cable in electrical design should also consider the influence of high temperature environment. If it is located in a highly corrosive area, all supporting materials such as metal materials must be  environmental protection.  If  in a high-humidity area, The materials should be  waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, Waterproof ceilings should be used as much as possible. such as Calcium acid board, aluminum plate and plastic steel plate ceiling etc.  In short, the climate environment has an important impact on supporting materials.



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