What are the considered points in the preparation stage of overseas camp.2


Published by BR PREFAB April 07,2020

3, Local customs
Different countries have their own customs and habits. To  understand it is helpful for local labor management , Here is a brief introduction of several unique African Customs and habits. Shaking hands with strength is a sign of goodwill,  and you can't take photoswithout others permission. The popular way of greeting in Africa is to raise your right hand and palm to the opponent to show your friendship. This custom is widely used all over the world, but with slightly different styles. It is a symbol of friendship


4.  Local Economic level
Some materials and equipment are needed to buy from the local area  for the construction of overseas project camps. Due to the difference of economic level in the country, The local market or nearby areas can not provide such accessory. For example, cement and steelbars in some African countries are  imported with high price. The delivery time is very long .These materials have a great impact on the overall cost of the whole camp construction. If the materials are not fully investigated in the preparation stage, the camp constructionprocess may increase a lot of costs.

In addition, Inflation exchange rate is another risks. It will take a very long time to build large-sckale camp construction.  We had a project Latin America. The whole camp construction lasts two years. The exchange rate changed from  1:10 to 1:100,  if the risk is notconsidered in the early stage of the project preparation, it would bring great difficulties to implement of the project.
Generally speaking, only in the early stage of camp preparation, sufficient site inspection and risk analysis are carried out to minimize some potential risks.

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