What are the considered points in the preparation stage of overseas camp?


Published by BR PREFAB April 06,2020

The construction of overseas  camp project is different the  domestic camp. Thenational policies and regulations, industry standards, architectural style, economic level,local culture etc influenced the design and construction. There  are more potential risks in overseas projects. If you can't understand these information in the camp preparation stage.
1, Policies and regulations
It is very common to employ local labors for is a must to understand local policies and regulations, such as labor laws. In some countries, some strict measures have been taken to restrict the entry of foreign workers. For example, Indonesia's labor department stipulates that foreign companies to employ a certain proportion of domestic workers, while foreign workers can only engage in instruction and management. According to Vietnamese law, The EPS contractor should subcontract at least 50% of the work volume to local construction team. In Venezuela,  the proportion of Chinese and local Venezuelan residents needs to be1:4 At the construction site.

2、 Architectural features
Due to the climate characteristics, customer habits, different countries have different architectural styles.  In South America, there is a big canopy in front of the house. The shed is the place where they meet each other. Because the sun is very poisonous during the day, The sun shed is needed to cover it.

Dry Column type house is poupar in South Eeat Asia area . Due to the influence of local geographical environment.  Generally, it is divided into two layers, the upper layer lives in people, the lower layer has no walls and only a few piles. The characteristics of the house  water proof,  ventilation and moisture-proof, which can make people not affected by the moisture and avoid the harm of snakes and others.

In Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia, An entrance porch is set up at the main entrance of houses. In these areas, it is often windy in cold County in winter. The purpose of setting porch is to reduce the impact of cold wind when opening the door.

labour camp house
In addition, we should also pay attention to some construction practices, such as the practice of large eaves of prefab houses in hot and rainy areas, the practice of blinds, etc., which are closely related to the local climate and environment. Only by fully understanding the local architectural characteristics can we make sure  the barracks are suitable for local use.





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