What is Steel Structure Packing Requirments and Packing Way?


Published by BR PREFAB October 08,2019

Firstly, Steel structrue packing basic requirements
1. According to the characteristics of  sea and inland transportation way,   such as loading and unloading times,  transportation distance and long period of transportation, Reasonable design, rational use of materials and equipment should be considerated.  To ensure the convenience and safety of loading and unloading, stacking and storage of materials during the whole transportation process at home and abroad.
2. Packaging design should have a certain stacking capacity.  For the goods with height of more than 2 meters,  stacking of three sets similar goods. For the goods with a height of less than 2 meters,   stacking four or six identical goods.
3. The design of lifting position: All lifting pisiton are designed based on  the length, weight and gravity of the goods, especially the larger packaging. So that the packaging can be balanced in the lifting process.
4. Center of gravity and mark: Packing place should be marked . Each piece of goods must  have two marks hanging on both sides at the same time. The contents of the marks are identical, and the marks must be clearly visible. The marking nameplate shall be fixed on the packing rack with rivets.
5, The width and height of single package should be below 1.4 meters .  the width and height of group packages should not exceed 2.8 meters. If the width or height of a single component exceeds 2.8 meters, the design department should consider interrupting the components. Packaging rack must be soldered firmly.  it must be coated with rust-proof primer to avoid rusting and corrosive.

steel frame

Secondly, Steel structure and accessory packing way

1,Bundling package. Medium-size steel component are usually bundled, such as steel beams, steel columns, supports, etc.
A Length of less than 5 meters should be bundled two line, the middle distance is 2 meters, the length is more than 5 meters
B,The Cushion Components are needed between two parts , such as pearl cotton. To ensure that the components can not slide each other.
C If the package is fixed by screw, it is necessary to spot weld nuts to prevent transportation from falling off.
DThe lifting lugs shall be added to the package to facilitate loading, unloading and transportation. The lifting lugs need to be soldered firmly.

2. Frame package
Small components, f welded brackets, etc. shall be packaged in frame . The frame made by channel steel,or angle steel as materials. Frame mesh must ensure that the internal components will not be present, the components installed in the framework need to be separated by  pearl cotton, in order to avoid damageduring transportation, the bottom of the frame must be left with shovel holes to ensure loading and unloading.

3. Iron boxes package,  bolts, connection boards and other easily spare parts need to be packaged in iron boxes.  The box are  made of angle steel, channel steel and steel plate.Customs observation window should be used in the middle of the frame. Drainage holes should be left at the bottom of the frame, The shovel holes should be left at the bottom of the iron box to ensure loading and unloading.

4. Bare assembly, Generally used for large structural parts, bare components should be placed on the chassis, the design should conform to the balanced force, stable and reliable, easy to load and unload.

structure stell

5, Other package
A,Barrel package,  used for paint, chemical materials, etc.
B,Coiling package , iused for the packaging of wire, cable, wire rope and other goods.
C,Pallets pacage, used for the goods packed in combination

6, Wall and roof panel package

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