4 questions about low cost prefabricated houses


Published by BR PREFAB July 18,2019

With low cost prefabricated houses growing popularity,  BR PREFAB will be answering everything you need to know about low cost prefabricated ho uses. It is incredible that the prfabeciated buildings trend is coming. However, what is the low cost prefabricated housing, why is it so popular, where is the trend headed next ?

low cost prefbricated house

1, What are low cost prefabricated houses?
Prefabricated homes referred to as “prefab homes”, “modular houses” or just “prefabs”, are made in manufacture and then delivered to a plot, where they’re assembled. Alternatively, they can be built on “service plots” – usually the sites of demolished buildings, or even in the gardens of existing homes.

2, What are the benefits for low cost prefabricated houses?
The biggest profit of prefabbricated houses is the low cost. Manufacturing costs are also much smaller, and many estimates suggest that prefabricated houses can be constructed in half the time of traditional homes – which carries enormous environmental benefits.The homes themselves are also renowned for being low-cost, although the flexibility of modular homes means that they can be adapted to suit a wide range of preferences and budgets. The notion of “factory-built” houses which are slotted together in a matter of days may lead many to believe that prefabricated homes are low-quality. Conversely, though, they’re often praised for their “upmarket” feel and robust craftsmanship, meaning that owners don’t have to sacrifice anything if opting for prefab. Urban Splash, an iconic national developer, specialise now in modular homes – and Chairman Tom Bloxham believes their quality is higher than post-war homes. The increased upfront planning involved with low cost prefabricated houses means that there is far less wastage, and less materials are used to achieve the finished product.

3,  what’s next?
Many believe that low cost prefabricated houses could be used as low-cost emergency accommodation, so that in a crisis – especially in an urban area – such as a large fire or a flood, providing those displaced with shelter would be easy and cost-effective. In much the same way,low cost prefabricated house could be utilised to alleviate homelessness. Currently, the industry is experiencing an ever-increasing demand for new methods of construction which will aid faster and less expensive development. Modular homes could certainly be the answer to that – but the enduring thorn in the side of development is land availability, and more land is needed both to leave low cost prefabricated houses in situ on and for service plots.

low cost prefabricated house

4, What do you think?
Is low cost prefabricated houses the future? What are your thoughts?  contact us for more information about it. BR PREFAB in China, Which Focus on low cost prefabricated houses, steel structure and flat pack  container house. providing one stop prefab building solutions.

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