How to prevent the prefab steel house from wall cracking ?


Published by BR PREFAB July 18,2019

The wall of the prefab steel house  is free from wall cracks.  But Some of other wall developed large cracks in walls . The cracked wall  materials  can be divided into the following types:
First, it is a crack in the concrete wall.
Second, it is a crack in the brick wall.
Third, it is a crack in the new partition wall board, such as the crack of GRC board and gypsum board.

There are several reasons for wall cracking:
1. There is a crack in the insulation layer , which causes the wall to crack after renovation.
2.  improperly decoration result in cracks in the wall
3, the proportion of cement is not accurate, the ratio is high
4, the wall is greasy and scratched unevenly.
5, the ratio of latex paint and water is not suitable
The usual method to solve  wall cracks as follows:
1, Use a putty knife to scrape the width of the gap .
2, Use gypsum block to fill the gap. depth is not less than 30-40mm. which is 1-1.5mm lower than the wall surface.
3, Brush glue between the gap
4, Put putty on original wall surface smooth
5, then paint the wall

The wall of the prefab steel house is free from wall cracks.   Because the walls materials we used are: integrated wall panels, metal carved panels, cultural stone, and so on.
1, Integrated wall panels are divided into aluminum composite wall panels and bamboo wood fiberwall panels
Aluminum composite integrated wallboard is composed of aluminum-magnesium alloy and polyurethane foam layer and aluminum foil. These three layers of materials are good for prefab metal buildings. The bamboo fiber integrated wall board is another materials for prefab metal buildings.   The polymer film is formed by a multi-functional laminating equipment The entire production process does not contain any glue components, completely avoiding the harm to the human body caused by formaldehyde release.

2, The metal engraved plate for prefab steel house  is called the “Hundred Years Plate” .Because it has a long service life and its appearance and color are not changed by the harsh environment of the outside world. The metal engraved board is suitable for prefab metal buildings, frame structure, steel structure and other types of exterior walls of prefab metal building, and is also suitable for  energy-saving decoration of the existing prefab metal buildings.

3, Cultural stone come from natural mine.  slate, sandstone and quartz stone have been developed into a decorative building material. It is another wall materials for prefab metal buildings and prefabricated house

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