What Is The Main Keel of Prefabricated Villa House ?


Published by BR PREFAB July 13,2019

The keel of  Prefabricated villa  is the foundation of all things, the soul of being. The house keel is like the spine of the human body, which governs all kinds of postures and activities such as sitting and running in the whole human life, while the prefabricated villa keel is the overall system that supports the prefabricated house, and it is responsible for the scattered houses through different construction methods and strength requirements. Bearing the pressure, maintaining the structural balance of the prefabricated house, and meeting the functional needs of the house.

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As far as the prefabricated house keel is concerned, it is an indispensable part of the interior wall and ceiling decoration of the prefabricated  house. There are many types of keels. According to different materials, they can be divided into wooden keels, light steel keels, aluminum alloy keels, and steel keels. Among them, wooden keel is a kind of material commonly used in decoration. There are various models for propping up the outer decorative board and functioning as a bracket. Light steel keel is a very popular decoration material for several years, it can be used for prefabricated house ceiling. The partition wall has strong fireproof performance, and the prefabricated house keel can make various beautiful shapes. Due to the low strength of the wooden keel and the short service life, the light steel keel that is not easily deformed and has fire resistance is selected for the family building or self-built house. The use of wooden keel is also gradually reduced, gradually only used as an auxiliary material in building decoration; and the light steel keel with the prosperity of residential forms such as light steel villas, its various characteristics also attract the attention of the people.

prefabricated house

First, the composition of prefabricated house keel
Light steel keel for prefabricated house is a new type of building material , that is rolled by a special mill in a multi-pass process with galvanized steel strip. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, adaptability to waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, soundproof, sound absorbing, constant temperature, etc. It also has the advantages of short construction period and simple construction. It is suitable for the decoration of prefabricated house,  inside and outside of prefabricated house.It is widely used in various civil construction projects and light textile industrial plants and other places, and has a good effect on interior decoration modeling, sound insulation and other functions.

Second, the classification of prefabricated house keel
There are two types of galvanizing of prefabricated house keels: one is hot-dip galvanizing and the other is cold-galvanizing. Hot galvanizing is expensive and cold galvanizing is low.
1, According to the purpose classification: ceiling keel and partition keel
The ceiling keel is composed of a bearing keel (main keel), a covered keel (auxiliary keel) and various accessories; the wall keel is composed of a horizontal keel, a vertical keel, a cross keel and various accessories.
2, According to the sectional form classification: there are V-type, C-type, T-type, L-shaped, U-shaped prefabricated house keel.

Third, the quality of light steel keel is a decisive factor
1. High quality steel strip with high quality;
2. Prefabricated house keel forming equipment;
3. The thickness deviation of prefabricated house keel steel strip;
4. Double-sided galvanizing of prefabricated house keel;
5. Appearance qualityof prefabricated house keel;
6, fine management of keel manufacturers.
The appearance quality standard of the prefabricated house keel is as follows: the shape of the light steel keel should be flat, the edges and corners are clear, and the incisions are not allowed to have burrs and deformations that affect the use. The galvanized layer is not allowed to have defects such as peeling, tumor, and falling off. For defects such as corrosion, damage, dark spots, pitting, etc., the test according to the specified method shall comply with the requirements of Table 2-81. When the appearance quality is checked, visual inspection shall be carried out under the condition that the light is bright at 0.5 m from the product.

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