What is the development and classification of container homes?


Published by BR PREFAB April 27,2019

1, Container homes  development history

The Industrial prefab cabin began in the United Stages in 1930s. It has been developed into a variety of market applications on the global scale.They spread throughout Europe and expanded to developed countries.The scale of development and industry concentration have reached a hight level

Container rooms

2, Container  Homes  classification

Prefab Cabins can be divided into three categories accorting to their structural composition. The first type is the Prefab cabins transformed by the traditional shipping containers. The second type is fully welded type movable cabins and the third type is the detachable container house. The third type adopts modular production technology, and modularizes a cabin into standard parts, it speed up the installation and reduce transportation cost.

container rooms

3, Container Homes use

3.1, The demand for construction site, such as office, accommodation, conference room etc

3.2,The prefab cabin are used in the limited construction site

3.3, Emergency Houseing, such as military center, disaster instruction center,rescue command center etc

container rooms





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