How much does the prefabricated house philippines cost?

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    Published by BR PREFAB July 23,2019

    How much does the prefabricated house philippines cost?  This is an common question when it comes to prefabricated house philippines.  However it often takes a long time and a short time to get answer. Most Manufacturers will not be able to quote a prefabricated house phillipines immediately .Unless you are ready to settle for a catalog house (not really custom-made)Quotation for a house from scratch takes one working day of one person. The problem is there are other people waiting for their price offer so you end up in a queue. Good Manufacturers have dozens of price requests each week, therefore their queue can be quite long. The result is that you'll have to wait for several weeks before your project lands of the desk of an estimator.

    Is it really worth to waste one day of someone's time to get a precise price on prefabricated house philippines?  We believe it is not. A better solution would be to put you in the position to get that price estimate without having to talk to anyone at all. BR PREFAB is a fast-growing company which goal is to enable faster price calculation for prefabricated house philippines. we developed a house price calculator. We believe that a question about price deserves a quick answer and that answer has to be numeric. by using prefabrication methods combined with their software solution, we can build houses that are customizable to a large degree without loosing in implementation speed.  we decided to build a house pricing tool for prefabricated house philippines.

    How does it work? The prefabricated house philippines pricing tool is very easy to use. It all starts by asking you some questions and it does not require you to have a floor plan already! The concept is simple: describe your needs and we'll figure out how big prefabricated house philippines will be (and how much it will cost). Here are the 8 questions the tool will ask you, It is also suitable for steel structure
    how many floors does your dream home have?
    how does your roof look like?
    how big your windows will be?
    how many bedrooms will you have?
    how big your kitchen will be?
    how big your living room will be?
    how many bathrooms do you need?
    do you need storage space?

    Based on this answers, we build a simplified model of prefabricated house philippines and we are able to estimate quantities for all the different components of the building (foundation, walls, roof, windows, ...) After using the configuration "wizard", you land on a page that will immediately show you the cost of the prefab kit for the house you just described and the approximate MINIMUM cost for the entire build. The prefabricated house philippines is "created" as a combination of rooms matching with the requirements you set with your answers.


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